Intel has a new education product out there, a specialized tablet with a few very nifty accessories. The 10 inch Intel Education Tablet is a new model and it’s accompanied by a brand new Intel classmate PC.


Both devices are rugged and can survive drops and tumbles inside the school, including drops from 70 cm. These products are also water and dust resistant. The Education Tablet runs Android 4.2, it has rubber bumpers and comes with a stylus and a Power button that’s hard to press by mistake. It runs on an Intel Atom Z2520 processor and uses front and rear cameras.

The slate can get optional 3G connectivity and its battery should provide about 12 hours per charge. On the graphics side we’ve got Intel GMA and this model is able to have attached a snap on magnifying lens and a thermal probe, both for the sake of learning. I can see that a stylus is also in the mix in there, as well as a keyboard accessory.