The initial Sony Xperia Z Ultra was a very strange animal, because it was basically a huge phone. Now that a version stripped of cellular connectivity has started leaking, we wonder what category this product fits in. It’s more tablet than handset frankly…


This 6.4 inch unit has been hitting the FCC and various certification authorities lately, in preparation for an US debut. The device packs a 6.4 inch Full HD screen and it can be seen as one of the largest phablets out there. Since it’s a WiFi only model, we may actually get a decent price for it, this time.

The device is also dust proof and waterproof and it comes with high end specs, that include a Snapdragon 800 processor and 2 GB of RAM. The WiFi only unit hasn’t hit the international market, only being available in Japan right now with a suggested retail price of $498. It also has a bunch of appealing accessories like a stylus pen, power cover and magnetic charging dock.