In just a few hours, Apple will debut a new event, meant to launch a couple of new iPhones and if we’re lucky a tablet as well. Most likely we’ll only get to see an iPhone 5C and 5S today, but there’s that 0.1% chance there will be a new slate.


The good news is that following today’s event, we’ll get the official release of iOS 7.0 in the final version and of course, we’ll have two new iPhones to play with. One will be the iPhone 5S, rumored to have a fingerprint scanner and dual LED flash, while the other is the iPhone 5C, a budget plastic iPhone with a low price tag.

The iPhone 5C is said to have the specs of the iPhone 5 and for those wondering what the bubbles on the town hall decorations pictured above stand for, let me explain. So, we’ve got colored bubbles for the different colored version of the iPhone 5C and empty circles for the metal circle around the iPhone 5S home button, a sign of the biometric system integration. Easy!