A wide variety of shells belonging to the iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 have hit the web lately, generating at least a pair or two of hands on videos. Now we’ve got a new one, with a very detailed explanation, so kudos to the guy speaking in the background.

ipad 5 new video

iCrackUriDevice is responsible for this video and he claims that the iPad Mini 2 has basically the same design and looks as the predecessor, while the iPad 5 is an entirely different affair compared to the iPad 4. It comes with a silver Apple logo, pill shaped buttons, a slightly different Lightning port and mute rocker, plus smaller speakers with larger holes.

It’s also thinner, lighter and less wide, plus it gives up the sloped design. It’s got rounded corners and a camera surrounded by a metallic ring. No idea when this product will come, although the word through the grapevine is that it will arrive in October. Nifty hands on video with shells below and by the way our sister site GSMDome.com has an iPhone 5C dummy hands on here.