The iPad Pro brought on the Smart Connector into the mainstream, but Apple isn’t stopping here when it comes to the future of connectivity. A fresh patent coming from the Cupertino firm details stackable peripherals, that may just come in handy on the iPad.


Such a system would let one connect an iPad with multiple peripherals at once, by overlapping the magnetic connectors. A recent patent details the process and talks about stackable and magnetically related connector interfaces. They are intended for handheld devices and the documents show ports and jacks much like USB Type C and Lightning, as well as the MagSafe or the circular one used by the Apple Watch charger.


Stacking connectors on top of each other would let data and power be connected to the same base device. Magnets align the connectors in place and a special connection detection system would prevent live contacts from being exposed. This all sounds like an evolved version of the Smart Connector that Apple uses on the iPad Pro.

Future stackable accessories would let people connect keyboards, joysticks, phones and what have you to tablets at the same time.