The iPad 3 continues its expansion, this time to 30 more countries, where it will arrive by the end of the week. These include Brazil, the country that hosts a huge Foxconn plant or two and that recently reached the news because of the strike of the workers at Foxconn.

23 countries will start selling the Retina Display-based slate on Friday, May 11th and 7 more will be added on Saturday, May 12th. The total rollout of the new tablet will reach 90 countries all over the world and meanwhile, strangely enough the new iPad is still not available in China. Among the countries that will get the iPad 3 this week we find Argentina, Chile, Malta, Madagascar, Vietnam, Taiwan, Peru and a couple more. On May 12th, the debut will reach Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates.

The latest rollout brought the tablet to 9 new countries on April 27th, when it became available in India, Israel, Latvia, Thailand and some more countries. Hopefully, this time the iPad won’t have the highest price in the world in Brazil, a country famous for having the biggest prices on Earth for Apple products, because of huge taxes.