One of the funniest and most interesting decisions of the Apple versus Samsung case came from the UK. A local judge ruled that Samsung was not guilty of infringing copyrights and that Apple had to confirm that by posting a message saying that the Galaxy Tab doesn’t copy their products on the Apple website. Of course Apple would rather go bankrupt than do that, so they managed to get a temporary stay on the ruling.

The stay will be in place till the Apple hearing in October and the reason for this is that Apple doesn’t want to “advertise” its rivals for free on their website. Of course, it’s more a matter of pride here than anything else. Admitting you were wrong is not something one does, especially if we’re talking about the world’s most valuable company right now. It isn’t yet clear if Apple will try an alternative to posting the notice or if they’re trying to get rid of it altogether.

Well, for another 3 months they’re clear of that danger, but how long will they be able to duck? Also, what’s Samsung saying about this?