Android 4.1 Jelly Bean has already been out there for almost a month, so it’s time for big companies to start announcing time frames for the devices that they’ll update. HTC and ASUS already made announcements and now it’s Acer’s turn to make one.

Sony already said that Xperia phones won’t get Jelly Bean, while Toshiba and Intel seem optimistic about such updates. Samsung is yet uncertain and there’s that rumor about Galaxy S II not getting JB at all. Now Acer is joining the party, according to Dutch website Tablet Guide.

They’re saying that they talked over the phone with Acer officials, who confirmed that the company’s tablets ill be updated to Android 4.1. No tablet was mentioned till no, but I can guess that the quad core models like the A510 or A700 are safe when it comes to the update. Acer said that they don’t expect newer tablets to have any problems with the 4.1 update. Models like the A100 and A500 were launched with Honeycomb on board and barely got ICS in April, so it’s hard to imagine they’ll get Android 4.1 soon.