While we’re still waiting for the iPad Pro to come to life a new patent proposes the idea to stick two iPads together. Apple got a brand new patent this week that refers to an advanced magnetic attachment unit, that sticks two devices together, in this case two tablets.


The documents refer to a system, method and apparatus for forming a cooperative system using magnetic attachment. The figures and sketches included in the patent illustrate arrangements formed by magnetically uniting tablet devices via flexible magnetic attachments. Back in 2012 Apple filed a patent for a virtual keyboard related to a notebook, but the concept also involved a dual iPad setup.


The new patent also covers Smart Cover designs, that may add secondary writing pace, a keyboard, trackpad and the potential use of a handle to allow the user to hold onto the product in a safer way. In the meantime Apple engineers are working on Smart Covers with solar panels, inductive charging and more goodies, even a wraparound book-style appearance.

The problem with uniting two iPads is… owning two iPads.