The Acer Aspire Switch 11 is a 2 in 1 tablet with Windows 8.1 software on board, but that doesn’t exactly mean you’re forced to work with Windows alone. The folks of Liliputing messed about with the system and installed Ubuntu on it. What came out is shown below.


They played around with the Aspire Switch 11 with a Core i3 Haswell processor inside and a Full HD screen. It appears that overall running Ubuntu is pretty straightforward here, but there are some keyboard problems. UNetbootin was used to preload a build of Ubuntu 15.04 on this device, via a USB flash drive. Ubuntu booted fast and the touchpad or touchscreen could be used, but the keyboard didn’t work.

More people playing with the device have reported similar issues on Ubuntu. The reviewer then connected a USB keyboard and everything worked just fine. Keep in mind that when we refer to the non working keyboard, it’s the one that came with the Aspire Switch. The slate remains as responsive on Ubuntu as on Windows, but it’s a shame it doesn’t play nice with the keyboard dock.

The Switch 11 is priced $449 right here.