Turns out that Apple has indeed planned an event for this Spring. They’ve started sending invites to a March 27th happening, held in Chicago and word trough the grapevine talks about the unveiling of new iPads.

The event takes place at the Lane Tech College Prep High School and it’ll be focused on education first and foremost. Apple claim that it wants to hear the latest creative ideas for teachers and students. We could see something new related to the educational aspect of iTunes, maybe some type of new classes or some cool AR/VR initiative. However, there have been too many rumors about new iPads, so something’s got to give.

Affordably priced iPads could happen, a new Apple Pencil is overdue and especially judging by the strokes above we may see some Apple Pencil input in the mix. Apple also promotes this as a “field trip”, so once again VR may be a thing. But then again, how about the OLED iPad, with or without notch? Imagine the juicy Apple A11 Bionic put inside a tablet and harnessed on a big diagonal screen…

By the way, the other big Apple event up next is WWDC 2017, taking place on June 4th. We’ll meet iOS 12 there and perhaps new hardware.