Now that the iPad HD is pretty sure to be announced tonight, we have to start worrying about future announcements and products. One of them is apparently, the mystery announcement from March 16th.. This event was mentioned by a couple of online sources and as a coincidence, it happens on the same day as the Apple Store opening in London and the new store opening in Houston, Texas.

However, the event on March 16th will most likely be related to the in-store debut of the new iPad, or maybe the international launch. Sources say that we might see a LTE version of the iPad 3/HD on that date, but to me that’s highly unlikely, since Apple is more fond of battery life than connectivity standards. Verizon and AT&T have already started teasing “something”, so I say we’re pretty close to the launch of the next iPad and that March 16th is the date to queue in front of stores.

Some even say that on this date we’ll see a brand new Apple products, like that 1080p Apple TV I’ve been hearing about… Best case scenario, we’ll also see the iPad Mini, worst case – the iPad HD gets launched internationally in about a week or so.