If Steve Jobs knew what Apple was doing now… he would flip! Turns out that the Cupertino giant is ready to offer licensing deals to Samsung and Motorola, as it tries to settle the score after years of lawsuits on account of infringed patents. Sources speaking with Dow Jones Newswires say that Apple is prepared to offer licensing deals for about $5 to $15 per device, or the equivalent of 1% to 2.5% of net sales per device.

These are similar fees to the ones that Apple called “unreasonable” in a recent patent licensing discussion with Motorola. This is a pretty strange move from Apple, the company that under the rule of Steve Jobs was sworn to do anything in order to destroy Android and its partners. Now it’s not all about removing the rival products from shelves, since that didn’t seem to work, but instead getting some license money from them and even cross licensing technologies for an extra penny.

Apple’s recently lawsuit attempts were not as successful as they usually were till now, so that’s why they’re changing their tune. Since the Cupertino giant has so few products in its portofolio, a single injunction that would go through would hurt it and the Chinese scandal of the iPad must have scared the bigshots at Apple… Will Motorola and Samsung take the deal? Have they no pride?