“Foldable” is the key word for 2018 it seems, since more and more companies have started coming up with dual display handsets that flex in the middle and other formats of folding devices. Now there’s a new device that drew our interest, but it’s actually not 100% new, since we’ve heard about it before: the Andromeda.

Many people are confused by this name, because it has been used a ton of times. We’ve got a Mass Effect game named like that, a Google platform that never came and a Microsoft project that was supposed to replace Windows 10 Mobile. Now there’s a new Andromeda, one that comes from Microsoft and it’s rumored to be a revival of the 2009 Courier e-reader-like slate.

The unique thing about it is that it runs on ARM, so it’s one of those new fangled Qualcomm chipset devices with Windows 10 on ARM. Lenovo and ASUS have been getting tight with such projects lately. The device is in prototype phase for now and it seems to be a two display notebook of sorts, that can be folded and closed. There’s a OneNote-based app as the centerpiece and a stylus working with Windows Ink is in the mix too.

The company is targeting a launch for next year, but we don’t have any clear details just yet. What’s sure is that the following two months will bring us more and more Windows 10 on ARM devices and formats will vary greatly, from bigger phablets basically to large laptops.