Nokia hasn’t approached the tablet or phablet segment just yet and we have no indication about that, aside from the rumors about a so called Nokia Juggernaut, that appeared at some point. Now, in an interview with Bloomberg, IDC analyst Francisco Jeronimo claims that Nokia must adopt the “trend that can’t be missed”, referring to phablets.


He also claims that “people are using smartphones in different ways now, consuming media by streaming over faster mobile networks”. CCS Insight research director Ben Wood also thinks that phablets are a big deal and tells Bloomberg that Nokia mustn’t miss the boat and build such a device. Even a 5 inch smartphone would do them good, but the Finns first have to narrow down a way to make their handsets less bulky.

The Nokia Lumia 920 is a behemoth, even bigger than the Galaxy Note II in some areas and it packs a display that’s 1 inch smaller in diagonal. The publication mentioned before also says that overlooking a phablet would be the third time in a decade when Nokia would overlook a major trend. For example, in 2004 Nokia was late to embrace clamshells, then it was too late to embrace touchscreens. Will this final delay be fatal for them?