This story may date well over a year now, with the people complaining about the GPS issues of the ASUS Transformer Prime, but it’s back to haunt the otherwise successful company again. They’ve just posted on their North American Facebook page that they’ve agreed to settle a class action lawsuit, that involves ASUS paying $17 to customers.


They will also give the clients a free GPS extension kit and this is applicable to US buyers of the Transformer Prime TF201 tablet. Honestly speaking, when I tested the device I found no problem with the GPS, but after all I had the European version of the slate. Previous to the $17 and accessory measure, ASUS was handing out free dongles to the people affected by problems.

It seems that for some customers dongles weren’t enough, so they decided to sue and reached a settlement point of the class action lawsuit now. I have to say that handling a crysis is a tough thing even for the biggest of companies and ASUS did a fine job at managing this one.