AMD had a busy week, unveiling the CPUs it prepared for 2014’s mobile devices, such as tablets and ultrabooks. Now it’s showing off a gaming tablet, or better said it’s teasing one, that will be showcased at CES 2014 in January.


The initiative is called Project Discovery and the device packs AMD’s next gen Mullins processor, a low power chip that’s destined for fanless tablets and ultrathin notebooks. It will also arrive on 2 in 1 devices and this 28 nm CPU will use as little as 2 watts of energy. This is only the start of AMD’s offering in the tablet area and while their first approach may be timid at first, it should be enough to scare the likes of Nvidia a little bit.

It’s interesting to see that chip makers are the ones building gaming tablets these days, instead of big brands like Samsung, LG or Lenovo… Nvidia has the Shield thing and also partners with hardware makers to deliver the Tegra Note, while AMD has the Project Discovery. Imagine if Qualcomm made a gaming slate…