AMD wants a piece out of the pie that Intel and ARM are sharing this year and they intend to slice that with the brand new Temash APU, that was officially introduced today through a series of devices. The solution targets hybrids and tablets from 10 to 13 inches.


The brand new A series of Temash APUs comes with Jaguar cores, that bring a 20% performance boost over the Bobcat generation. AMD sees Temash and Windows as a great comb, one that brings flexibility to a desktop courtesy of a multimedia-oriented chipset. The new generation brings a 212% graphics boost per watt compared to the 2012 AMD C-70 and even up to 172% increase in x86 performance per watt.


The good thing is that the battery life is also pretty good, according to the same company. If you want a comparison in performance, this solution is between 2x and 5x the power of the Intel Atom Z2760 in AMD’s testing. Back to battery, you should probably know that a Temash-based system can get 12 hours of idle battery life or up to 45% more than a Core i3 tablet.

The new A Series A400 model has GPU acceleration for apps, native video stabilization, AMD Screen Mirror and gesture controls for the webcam. More details can be found in the source link below.