TechCrunch has sort of a premiere here, since they’re the ones to debunk the myths about Amazon’s tablet strategy. It appears that they won’t launch two versions of tablets after all, only settling for a 7 incher simply called the Amazon Kindle tablet. One of the guys from the website already played with such a device and detailed his experience in the source link below.

Recent rumors say we might see this unit priced at $250 and TechCrunch seems to be pretty excited about the gadget, claiming it has huge potential. Sadly, there are no pictures available, but they provided a mockup based on their experience. Apparently, the Kindle tablet looks very much like the BlackBerry PlayBook, especially as far as form factor goes.

The 7 incher will come with a capacitive touchscreen display, a multitouch one that relies on two finger touch, instead of the iPad’s 10 finger, but still accurate. We get a full color screen with back lighting, so don’t worry about E-ink on this Kindle unit. The end of November is the target launch time frame and the version TechCrunch tested was a Design Verification Testing unit.

A 10 inch slate might follow next year, but I wouldn’t bet on that. The interface will be Kindle and Amazon into one single experience, with lots of orange, dark blue and black. The main screen looks like the iTunes Cover Flow and displays the content in a carousel. You also get a status bar, that also acts as a notification tray. No physical buttons have been integrated and you’ll bring a navigation menu to the screen simply by tapping once.

You’ll find these details and more over at TechCrunch, so don’t hesitate to check their piece out.