HTC Flyer has been regarded by many as a great “could have been” tablet, because of the old OS it had on board, namely Gingerbread. While many are waiting for Honeycomb, it seems that due to a leak we can now run Android 3.0 on this device and also a custom ROM will be available soon.

Hacker Paul O’Brien has the software needed to create a custom ROM for the Flyer, so after a couple of days it might reach you. Meanwhile, the full RUU is available for download, in the source link below, but beware, as this is a very early beta build and odds are that you’ll run into trouble and brick the unit.

Also, it’s possibly that once you flash the device, you won’t be able to root it, just like it happened to the HTC EVO 4G. If you’re the kind who likes to take a chance, then this is your opportunity… if not, then wait for the custom ROM. I wonder if Cyanogen will have his own software prepared for this slate, or he’s too busy working at Samsung.