Amazon Kindle is truly a popular item, since we saw it on recent movies like “Date Night” and now it even has a funny commercial to match its success. Of course, in 2010 if you want to be successful, you have to attack Apple, so that’s what Amazon did, in its latest ad for the Kindle. The price factor is very important, since the gadget is a mere $139, much less than the $499 iPad (and that’s the cheapest version around).

The ad focuses on the iPad’s screen that doesn’t behave well in direct sunlight, specially in comparison with the Kindle’s glare-free display. To be honest, there’s no comparison between the two units, since the gadgets are designed to do different things. Also, we must mention that the iPad has sold over 4 million units till now and this is a tablet PC we’re talking about, not a gizmo for reading magazines and books…

It provides a nifty gaming experience, supports multitouch, web browsing, email, apps, while the Kindle sticks with e-reading. In the end, if you have enough money, you’ll buy both… or wait for an iPad killer tablet.

[via IntoMobile]