NASA is looking for skilled developers to make an app for iPads, that will be used by astronauts in outer space in order to decide what to eat. This is a dietary app that will be employed on the International Space Station and other such structures. TopCoder has launched two competitions with the aim behind such space apps.

ipad in space

The challenge series is sponsored by NASA, via the NASA Tournament Lab section. TopCoder associates with NASA and the International Space Station for this challenge, that involves detailing the prototype of the app and proving that the app is fully functional. The participants must showcase the entire process, from concept to deployment and they must use TopCoder’s resources for that.

The idea is to obtain an app that monitors the dietary intake of crews during missions in order to prevent any types of illnesses or lack of calories and nutrients, crucial for the well being of the crew. This minimizes negative space flight conditions and also minimizes any unexpected mission failures or extra costs. This is a $30k competition, so there’s a lot to gain from it.