Amazon’s upcoming next gen Kindle devices are apparently facing some problems with production. The issue is with the device’s front light design, that could delay the shipping of the slate till the third quarter, according to sources in the industry.

The current generation of Kindles don’t use a front light, but instead they need a light source for illumination when they’re used in areas with poor lighting. B&N launched the Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight and took care of that problem, but Amazon has to reply to that with a powerful product and rival technology. Amazon has been working on a new and revised Kindle to show off soon, but that front light is giving them headaches apparently. Recent reports have shown that the company has stopped some parts from being shipped for the new Kindle.

This means that orders from Amazon’s paper display supplier, E Ink may be stopped in August and July as they adjust the issues with the lighting. E Ink will be bummed about this, since this means they’re reduce shipments by around 1.5 million units.