We’ve seen iPads used as cutting boards or even plates for eating in fancy restaurants, but now here’s a tablet that’s really meant for the cooks. Jaewan Jeong is the designer behind this cutting board dubbed the Almighty Board. Cutting boards are one of the most overlooked tools in the kitchen. They are very valuable and without them the process of making food almost always is a mess. You can get one on https://cookingplanit.com/best-woods-for-cutting-boards used together with the new modern design for a more efficient job and accurate measurements.

cutting board tablet

This is a digital cutting board, that allows you to chop up meat, vegetables and all that, but it also provides info about the food. That includes recipes and this device is also able to weigh the food to make sure you have the required amount. The Almighty Board is also washable, so you can clean it when you’re done.

It can tell users when it has been cleaned enough to prevent food poisoning or contamination, which is pretty cool. While this is a mere design, I say that the real thing could cost at least $700 or so. What do you think? For more kitchen product reviews, visit www.spicekitchenandbar.com.