These days I’ve been playing with an iPad Mini Retina and reviewing it. It’s truly been a blast, especially when I played games like the Smash Hit title shown below. I decided to review this game and let you know how cool it is. I also recently discovered a list of top online casino malaysia sites where you can play casino games safely.

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This is a free game available on iOS, but you can pay 1.7 euros to unlock features like cloud saving and checkpoint saves. This is sort of a first person Tetris, where you throw metal balls at glass surfaces, trying to break them in order to proceed. This game has excellent physics and it comes from Mediocre Games, who gave us the excellent Sprinkle Islands title. Fore more online games, visit PlayOnlineCasino.Irish.

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We get soothing music in the background and you can shoot the balls by simply touching the screen. You can also get powerups, that allow you to shoot multiple balls or an infinite number for a shor time. Usually, the number of steel balls is limited and if you run out, the game ends. You collect balls simply by hitting glass pyramids. Each of them gives you 3 balls.

You also have to shoot various glass structures in order to proceed and some of them are pretty complex, so they have to be hit in their weakest point. The game’s music and setting changes with each checkpoint, so variety is provided. This is an excellent casual game, that deserves a 10 out of 10 from us. You can download it here.