It’s very hard to find the perfect kickstand for a tablet, so when we found AirStand, we thought we’d found gold. Sadly, this product is only in project phase on Kickstarter, but if the funding goes on, it may just become real. The stand is made of high grade CNC machined aluminum and it’s very minimalistic.


It uses two high quality friction hinges, that can be adjusted anywhere between 180 degrees, so the angles are basically infinite. The device is also said to be quite tough and it will hold back against hard presses during touch typing. The AirStand is invisible from the front, so it’s very elegant as well. An unit of the product goes for about $52 and the Kickstarter campaign aims to gather $30,000, with 49 days to go.

It’s certainly doable, I have to say. The accessory can also be used in tandem with notebooks, like the 11 inch MacBook Air for example. AirStand has “amazing sticking power”, but it can also be removed when you want, without leaving sticky residue behind. You can also reuse it many times and in order to clean it you must rinse under warm water and let it dry.