There’s a new Haptix motion controller out there, that changes the way you interact with 3D graphics totally. The Leap Motion was previously the cool way to do that, but we’ve got a new product, that may just spell the future for notebooks and slates.


This device is able to turn any surface into a multitouch interface and the video below shows that clearly. The 3D multitouch thing allows you to create precise 3D design and it involves an intuitive interface, allowing you to move your hands in 3D space and use gesture shortcuts. The keyboard and mouse have become an essential part of the way we interact with PCs for the past 30 years, but it’s time we evolved.

The software shown in the video below is 3Ds Max and if mice felt essential for design, well, now you can do everything by hand. The problem is in the accuracy, since there are many degrees of precision that need to fit for this solution to become viable for 3D designers and other similar jobs. I’d see this on tablet in an instant!