Acer has had a great last year and is willing to do the same for this year also. The manufacturer is looking for new releases in the tablet market, including a new version of the so popular Iconia B1 tablet. Acer was also willing to declare a while back that it plans on keeping the devices prices at a low point in order for everyone to be able to purchase one.


The latest Acer rumors state that the manufacturer is going for a 10-inch Iconia tablet that will be announced this year. The tablet is expected somewhere in August and it will be priced very attractive. According to the latest news the device will be powered by a Mediatek chip that is likely in a quad-core configuration. Acer is also said de be announcing very soon a 7.9-inch tablet device, named Acer Iconia A1-810.

This year is also the date when Acer is likely to announce a new generation of its Iconia B1 tablet. The device will be powered by the same Mediatek chip and priced as attractive as the first gen tablet. The current Iconia B1 device has been a public hit, managing to get many supporters due to it build and design quality, as well as the cheap price.