Xiaomi has started posting a series of teasers over the past days, including one that showed a camera with a removable lens and now a razor with a removable head, as shown below. Sources say they may be alluding to a new tablet.


The long expected Mipad 2 could bring a detachable keyboard, which makes those detachable teasers get a new sense. The Internet seems to believe that Xiaomi is actually preparing a new DSLR, but that seems rather far fetched. We know that the event related to the new device is scheduled for October 19th and it’s been quite a while since Xiaomi launched a tablet, so they need a new device.

A laptop is also in the cards, or maybe a convertible, who knows? Seeing the current trends, with companies going with bigger diagonals, Xiaomi may as well unveil a 9.7 inch slate with a snap on magnetic keyboard. It will be very interesting to see the OS of the device, either Windows 10 or the latest flavour of MIUI. Or maybe a dual boot setup?