While we’re still waiting for Xiaomi to deliver a second tablet, perhaps one with Windows 10 on board, the Chinese company has something bigger in mind. That “something” is a pair of Linux-based laptops, that are set to be mass produced next year.


Xiaomi has been expanding into new product areas over the past year or so, making TVs, accessories and appliances. Now word’s out that they’ll make two laptops and release them in early 2016. Inventec is said to be cooperating with the company on this project, according to Richard Lee, Inventec chairman. Xiaomi hopes that its current device users will be drawn to the new notebooks.

Xiaomi has 200 million customers to appeal to and intends to offer an unique look for its bigger devices. Inventec has already cooperated with Xiaomi, assembling over 30 million handsets for the Chinese firm. Older reports about these laptops talk about a 15 inch diagonal and a $472 price tag, while newer leaked info places the diagonals at 12.5 inches and 13.3 inches respectively. Xiaomi was also found ordering 250.000 12.5 inch notebook units from Inventec recently and also 500k 13.3 inch laptops from Compal.