Xiaomi is teasing a product launch for July 16th and seeing how they haven’t released a tablet in a while, it may just be that. All we have is the teaser below, that mentions the date and shows a very slim silhouette. Let’s find out if this could be the Xiaomi Mi Pad 2.


The letters “P” and “K” also appear in the image and as usual Xiaomi likes to use riddles in its teasers. The Xiaomi Mi Pad was a pretty good tablet, with an affordable price and solid performance, although the compatibility of the Tegra CPU inside with some games and apps was spotty. We clearly see a metal frame in the teaser poster, which would be an upgrade from the glossy plasticky case of the Mi Pad.

Of course, it could end up being a phone, like a Xiaomi Mi Note 2. I’m pretty sure we’ll see more teasers over the next days, but one thing is certain: this model, whatever it is will run Android 5.x Lollipop. I expect a bright screen and solid camera, like on the predecessor.