The first gen Xiaomi Mi Pad is getting discounted these days and the deal is quite solid, since in more ways than one this device is more appealing than the Mi Pad 2. The original 7.9 incher is now priced at just $142 on GearBest, a more than 50% discount.


In spite of being made of glossy plastic, not metal, this device comes with a microSD card slot, which the Mi Pad 2 doesn’t have. It also scores better in benchmarks, since its Tegra K1 CPU faces them better than the Intel Atom X5 on the successor. There’s also a small haptic feedback engine inside, for improved vibrations in games and other such activities, once again something not present on the second gen unit.

The screen of the two models is very similar, a 7.9 inch IPS LCD unit with the same 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution on both units. The battery capacity of the OG slate was higher by the way and it provides 4 hours of extra video playback time compared to the Mi Pad 2, as shown by our review here and here respectively. Buying this model is good deal we say and you can find it here.