Xiaomi has been leaking foldable phones for a while now, but this time it unveils an updated design. We’re dealing with a foldable phone that has 3 back cameras and it can be folded twice.

I can’t say I’m surprised by this format, since I recently saw something similar from Samsung. Earlier in 2019 we saw a foldable phone from Xiaomi, actually a double folding one, with a main central screen and two side displays, that would expand the viewing space.

Letsgodigital now shows us via 3D renders the new version of that design, with a triple back camera. Back in March, the Chinese company filed a design patent with the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) and then the patent was published on August 5th 2019.

It included 7 sketches, from all angles. The device is still a dual fold machine, albeit a bit thicker than it was originally portrayed. This time we have an old timey approach with the main camera, with a vertical triple setup. Possibly, it’s a combo of main camera, telephoto 2X zoom camera and ultra wide camera.

This looks like a buttonless machine, at least in renders and also sas ports. The renders from the source are actually a speculation, since the sketches don’t clearly show which way the folding goes. It could be towards the front or the back for example. I think Xiaomi will wait and see how the foldable market plays out and hold on to their prototype.