Foldable phones are off to a bad start, after delays of the Galaxy Fold and then the Huawei Mate X. Now the Galaxy Fold is dead certain for a September release, while the Mate X has been hit by bad news. Turns out it’s going to be delayed further than the previously announced month of September.

It seems that the device will be launched in November and Huawei also confirmed it’s already hard at work on the Mate X2. That one will replace the metal back of the Mate X with a glass back, which will also be a screen. All of this info was unveiled during a press event in Shenzhen, so it’s legit.

Back to the Huawei Mate X, the device has been delayed on account of design changes. Refinements will include a tweaked Falcon hinge and a slimmer power button. It’s odd to see Huawei in this situation after their foldable was much better received than the Galaxy Fold and was plagued by zero PR nightmares or bad journalist hands ons.

I guess that prototypes are one thing and mass production another, as the foldable craze is definitely off to a bad start. Don’t be surprised if the Mate X gets axed and the Galaxy Fold’s new run could also hit some snags. Or I may just be pessimistic about it all and wrong…