A long while ago, last summer, a couple of hours before the Microsoft Surface Tablet was announced, the Internet was abuzz with rumors about a supposed Xbox Tablet. It was dubbed X-Surface, intended for gaming purposes and it was supposed to have a 7 inch display. Well, now the tablet is back, but the source denied it in the end.


We’ve had our share of gaming devices over the past year or so, with the likes of Nvidia Project Shield and Razer Project Fiona popping up. This week, the folks of Pocket Lint, among others detailed an Xbox/Surface Tablet, quoting an anonymous source inside Microsoft. The console would be just called XBox or X-Surface and it was based on AMD GPU and APU. It ran an OS that was not Windows 8 and it didn’t have its own apps, instead being focused on video/audio playback and gaming.

Meanwhile, the anonymous source came clean on its blog, explaining that it was all a rumor and a wrong post. The X-Surface may not be real now, but sometime in the future Microsoft may think about also including a tablet in its Xbox ecosystem…