The Surface RT was apparently a product with a confusing name, according to Microsoft itself, that dropped the RT branding from the second gen Surface in order to avoid consumer confusion.


As you know, the new Surface RT is called Surface 2 and it runs Windows RT 8.1. Microsoft’s product marketing manager for Surface, Jack Cowett has claimed that one of the reasons for removing the RT branding from the second gen Surface was to eliminate any sort of confusion. If you ask me, the name RT may have felt cursed for the people who avoided the first gen OS and tablet.

The Surface 2 features a Full HD screen, updated components and comes with a new two stage kickstand, that will make it easier to hold on your lap. Cowett said the kickstand changes were a result of the consumer feedback, so we’re glad that Microsoft is listening at least. The device is also including a thinner and lighter design and an improved battery life of up to 10 hours, plus a new silver color choice.

  • beomagi

    Bullshit. People SHOULD know there’s a differentiation between x86 and ARM based operating systems. The RT told people that. Removing it seems like a marketing attempt to confuse people into purchasing a cheap tablet.

    Most people probably wont go for a Windows RT based tablet – Removing the RT is simply not giving all the info – it’s lying really.

  • Billy

    Hum! People should do a little bit of research when it comes to buy something. The other companies don’t use ARM in their product name. why is it seen badly that Microsoft does it as well? I’m leaning toward the surface 2 more than the Pro version simply because it is similar to an Ipad or android tablet. I do not need to run all the applications and I don’t want to. I think it is a great product. I would probably appreciate a lighter version, perhaps a smaller tablet would suit me better. I think that we have to give credit to Microsoft, they finally decided to dive in that red ocean that is the tablet market. Ain’t easy to be appreciated.