Microsoft’s Surface segment has been bringing in serious cash for the past year or so and with Windows tablets being in reasonably high demand in corporations, that trend isn’t about to change anytime soon. CIOS and other IT segment operations are opting for Microsoft mobile devices more and more.


Sales of Windows tablets have been increasing recently, thanks to the interest from the corporate area. In Q2 2015 sales of slates in general increased merely 2% from the first quarter and generally the tablet market has been slowing its growth hugely over the past years. The core of the growth is dominated by 4G slates, 2 in 1 models and bigger devices.

The problem of tablets was that they weren’t seeing much of an adoption in enterprises. The lack of keyboard and the small screen bummed out most blue collars. The lack of support for productivity apps was another problem, till Microsoft’s CEO managed to bring a decent Office solution to iOS and Android ahead of a truly touch/mobile Office on Windows as a paradox.

The Surface and Surface Pro tablets eliminated both the problem with the lack of keyboard and productivity apps, also the small screen. Discounts are available for corporations and enterprise software is already set up. We’re seeing more institutions purchasing the Surface in bulk, like banks, hospitals, universities and such. With the iPad Pro ready to fight for this market segment, it will be interesting to follow the market over the next year. Microsoft does have a head start…