Frustrated by the lack of Flash support in IE 10 on Windows RT and Windows Phone? Well, now you can play with Flash content on your Surface tablet, courtesy of a special tool. You can download the Windows RT Flash Player Tool from here and install that to your Windows RT slate.

Surface Generic

One can also download/install the Windows RT browser tweak and transfer it via USB, SkyDrive or any other means. Once you install the tool, you need to follow the on-screen prompts to add new sites to the Windows RT Whitelist. Once the addition is done, you can view Flash content from your Windows RT browser. The credits here go out to DroidKid, a Neowin forum user, who created this small app that makes adding sites to the whitelist simpler.

Many users have confirmed that this is working, so it’s free of problems and bugs. As usual, your feedback is welcome and remember that we’re only doing this for now, since Flash is a dying technology, just like Java. In a few years Flash will only be a memory.