Nvidia and Qualcomm are the first names that come to mind when you think of tablet CPUs, with the occasional Exynos or TI OMAP also popping up. Intel has also started to matter in this area and now AMD wants a piece of the action, although it will be hard for them to get in the game so late. They did evolve a new lineup of APU SoCs for laptops and other mobile devices, that were on showcase at CES 2013.


AMD exec John Taylor was recently spotted showcasing a new APU reference device based on the AMD Temash processor. The mobile prototype is shown in the video below and we’re dealing with a device based on a quad core x86 SoC here called Temash, a chip that’s also available in a dual core version. Temash incorporates the Radon HD 800 Series GPU and AMD’s Graphics Core Next architecture. The idea is to provide PC-quality gaming on mobile devices such as tablets.

AMD claims that Temash offers 50% more performance the Hondo processor, also made by the same company and found in some Windows 8 slates such as the Vizio models. AMD’s new SoC is able to compete with the Intel CloverTrail, plus even some Core i3 units. Temash will be shipped in the first half of 2013 and more details will be unveiled at MWC 2013. The prototype shown in the video is a 11.6 inch Full HD one and the max power draw of the device is 8 W.