Microsoft is preparing for the big BUILD event in June, where it will debut Windows Blue, but they have another interesting update coming. Turns out that MS will make some changes to its Office Web apps and the Redmond company just unveiled its plans for the next year and further.


An update for the real time co authoring service will come in the next months, allowing Office Web App users to see the changes brought to documents live. They will do that even without refreshing the document, it appears. The change is currently rolling out to the PowerPoint Web App, bringing the experience on par with Google’s own web based document editing.

Office Web Apps will also bring support for Android tablets, courtesy of a new mobile Chrome browser support. Right now, Office Web Apps are available on Windows 8 slates and iPads, but the update will bring them to Android and allow users to edit documents from a slate. You should also know that Microsoft is working on an Office update, codenamed Gemini, that will also come later this year.