From when it was initially announced, the new Microsoft OS for mobile devices was a challenge for the hackers community to exploit and remove some of the restrictions implemented by Microsoft. It was expected to be just a matter of time till someone found a vulnerability in the OS and take advantage of it.


As most already know, Microsoft implemented a restriction in the OS that prevented users from running ARM compiled desktop apps. Thanks to an exploit in the setting in memory the restriction can now be removed and ARM compiled desktop apps will run on the OS.

The exploit does not refer to your typical x86 based complex desktop apps, as such require a different architecture. ARM compiled apps are meant to run in a RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computing) environment that only the ARM chips provide. With the restriction applied, Microsoft wanted to prevent severe battery life usage, a side effect likely to occur with the new exploit. Te opportunities for developers to take advantage of the OS are now set in motion.