Microsoft should have hosted a pretty big BUILD event this month, but that got canned on account of the pandemic. There was also talk of some hardware launches, which may still go down, according to the grapevine. There’s an incoming Microsoft Surface Go 2 tablet, expected to arrive in the “coming weeks” and we have more details below.

The source of the info is MSPoweruser, quoting a pretty well connected inside, it seems. The product is expected to have its sales kick off early next month. Microsoft and Best Buy have stopped selling the first gen Surface Go in the meantime, even though Amazon still sells it. Anyway, we’re about to get a new unit priced up from $399 and starting from an Intel Core m3 CPU this time, even though some whispers about a Pentium version were briefly heard.

The new Surface Go is said to retain the same design as the predecessor and only upgrade the hardware, particularly the CPU, maybe thrown in some extra RAM. 128 GB and 256 GB SSD options are also in the cards, meaning the Surface Go 2 will have have double the internal storage of the its predecessor. We’re also expecting a 4G LTE model, priced at around $650 or so. Benchmarks for the new Surface Go have revealed an 8th gen Intel Core m3-8100Y processor inside, a dual core CPU that needs to be passively cooled, so it’s great for a tablet.

The previous Surface Go had 4 or 8 GB of RAM inside, but the new model starts from 8 GB of RAM according to leaks. Expect a fierce battle with the cheapest iPads, especially with people studying and teaching from home these days.