As we get closer and closer to the summer, the time of the big software events Google I/O 2013, WWDC 2013 and BUILD 2013, it’s time to see what the big companies have prepared for us. We’ve got Android Key Lime Pie coming, iOS 7.0 coming as well and Windows Blue. The latter is supposed to merge Windows Phone and Windows 8 according to a fresh rumor.


This is not the first time we’re hearing of two big platforms merged together, with Android and Chrome also rumored to be joint at some point in the future. Last week we also found out that Windows RT was going to be merged with Windows Blue and now we’re hearing Win 8 will be merged with WP8 through Blue. The idea of making a fusion of big platforms is very difficult to turn into a real process, but the good thing is that the platforms we’re dealing with here have a common kernel.

This is a very interesting move, especially since Microsoft is worried that several of its hardware partners are going the Chrome and Android way. There could be pressure from Redmond to drop the project and no wonder that Samsung is straying from Microsoft, if this is real… Frankly speaking, merging two platforms means that at least one of them should die.