The Microsoft Office section at MS drew up a very nice clip that shows us how we could work in 20 years from now… Everything becomes a touchscreen, especially if it’s made of glass… since it can host the interface of all the computers that will be all over the world by then.

We can see cloud solutions in actions, tablets and phones syncing, 3D projections on PCs and laptops and much, much more. All coffee tables will provide experiences similar to the one of Microsoft Surface, while sharing via social network will be easier than ever. 3D graphics and cooperation modes with the 3D faces of your co workers in other countries are all available now.

You’ll even interact with holograms and interact with the cloud data floating around you. Everything will be tagged, QR coded and whatnot… This world sounds scary, a bit like Minority Report, but Microsoft shows us the gentle face of evolution here. I’d hate to see the bad one…

  • Deian Stancu

    At the rate we are destroying the planet, it will be more like the modern stoneage again. Microsoft has erotic dreams, again :))