I have to admit that with all those recent iPhone 5S rumors I was starting to miss the iPad 5 and its associated rumors. The fifth gen iPad is now expected to enter mass production this summer, in the months of July/August and it’s once again supposed to adopt a design similar to the one of the iPad Mini.


It will also use a thinner and lighter body compared to its predecessor, plus a narrower bezel, according to DigiTimes sources. Recently we’ve heard  rumors that Apple was cutting shipping numbers of the standard 9.7 inch iPad in favour of the compact 8 inch iPad Mini. With a more compact main series iPad, people would be more tempted by the product, especially since the Android slates are becoming thinner and thinner.

The display on the fifth generation iPad is said to be manufactured by LG Display and Sharp and we have no info about any potential resolution bump, that frankly is not needed at this point. The 9.7 inch iPad is still the sharpest big diagonal tablet on the market and if one day it jumps in resolution, it may jump straight to 4k… in a few years.