Microsoft just revealed extra details about the Windows on ARM (WOA) version of its Win 8 initiative. It appears that both the x86 PC version and the WOA are work in progress material right now and it seems that they’ll debut at the same time. WOA will also include Office 15, a brand new version of the suite that includes the popular productivity software.

WOA preloads Office 15, that now comes with enhanced touch controls and the usual access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and One Note. Microsoft made sure that x86 tablets and ARM ones are identical, so WOA will get a desktop mode as well, with access to File Explorer, IE 10 desktop and other Windows desktop functions. Windows Store will include Metro-style apps that support both WOA and Windows for x86/64. The thing here is that WOA won’t provide support for running or emulating desktop apps from the x86/64 universe.

This month we’ll also see a release of the Consumer Preview version of Windows 8, so we’re one step closer to the launch. Some say we might even see a decent tablet at Nokia Connection 2012 this summer, obviously made by Nokia. What do you think?