Oppo was supposed to just launch a cameraphone weeks ago when they unveiled the N1, but they ended up debuting a huge display device, that’s even too big to be a phablet. The best proof for that is the comparison below, that pits the Galaxy Note 3 against the Oppo N1.


Oppo had to work with a larger space in order to give the camera room to rotate. The N1 measures 9 mm in thickness, compared to the Galaxy Note 3’s 8.3 mm, while the same N1 weighs 213 grams, which is about 50 grams more than the Note 3. The length difference is impressive, as the Oppo N1 measures 170.7 mm in length and the new Galaxy Note 151.2 mm.


While the Note 3 should reach pretty much the entire globe before this month is out, the Oppo N1 will take months to debut in more countries than China, so it’s pretty clear that the two are not of the same caliber. Frankly speaking, the N1 is a bit more sexy looking at least in the lower area, where it adopts a rounded design and lacks the antique physical Home button of the Note 3.

It also scores originality points for the rotating camera.