Windows 10 Build 10051 has leaked out and it seem to come with a new Calendar and Mail apps. This build improves on the latest official build, 10049 and also brings a few minor improvements to the experience.

win 10 leak

Obviously you shouldn’t play with this release till it gets to a more official stage. The file picker that was used in apps in Windows 8.1 has been dropped in this version, in favor of a traditional file dialog box. Microsoft’s changelog for this release also mentions updated controls, colors, glyphs and sizes in Internet Explorer to match the design of Win 10.

The design of the new Calendar app and Mail app feels in line with the whole Win 10 experience. The Mail app totally resembles the Mail account and OneDrive UI and the Calendar feels a bit like Apple’s solutions, but with a more Office twist to it. Options in the Mail application are served as the toggles we’re left with ever since Windows 8. Build is coming soon and we’ll learn more there!