Well, there you have it folks! On September 13th Nintendo will finally reveal the finalized specs of the Wii U gaming tablet/system and its pricing. Till then we get a last minute leak, that points towards 8 GB of storage and I have to say that this product has been in the making for some while, so it has to deliver.

The 8GB aspect is kind of sad, considering the PS3 and Xbox offer more than 20 times that amount. The same anonymous source with info on the storage says that the Nintendo Wii U will ship with a 3 core Espresso CPU and a DirectX 10.1 compatible AMD Radeon GPU. It will also have an SD memory card slot, WiFi connectivity, Full HD output, HDMI cable support and Wii D Terminal. Also, it will have Wii component video, Wii RGB, Wii S Video Stereo AV and Wii AV.

4 USB 2.0 ports are incorporated and in case you want more, you should tune in to our website tomorrow, since Nintendo will have an event in New York City. Will they also give us 3D graphics and some 3D glasses? Is the tablet still present? We’ll find out tomorrow!