The focus of the tech world today is on the San Francisco Yerba Buena Center event, where Apple will unveil the new iPhone. They’ll probably show a new iPod as well and there are odds of about 1% we might be to see that rumored iPad Mini as well. Previous speculations placed the product sometime in October, as far as launch goes, but who knows what Apple is planning?

Long gone are the moments when exactly at the end of the event Steve Jobs said “one more thing” and announced either a new product or a new surprise feature of the just announced products. Tim Cook brings a more cerebral approach and I’m sure we will be dealing with a lengthy event, that will require 2 hours of attention span, a lot of talk about iOS 6.0 features, the new iPhone’s battery, CPU, camera and especially the enlarged display. If the iPad Mini does debut, we’re expecting a 7.85 inch tablet with the same new type of connector port, big speakers at the bottom, a camera at the back and… that’s about everything we know about the device.

It’s hard to speculate on the hardware inside, but an Apple A5X CPU and 1 GB of RAM would be fine, as well as 16 GB to 64 GB of storage. The resolution of the screen will probably be bigger than 1280 x 800, since even Apple rivals are able to achieve that on 7 inches. Maybe it will be something like 1500 x 1000, but I’m just speculating here. Anyway we’ll know more 6 hours from now!